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Vulkollan Wheels and Rollers

Vulkollan on wheels and rollers provides an extremely strong bond and can be used when demands on ware resistance, elasticity, resistance to abrasion, durability and low rolling resistance are crucial and where other materials can not satisfy similar demands.

One uinque property of Vulollan is its load bearing capacity that enables it to withstand greater loads than any other polyurethane and standard solid rubber wheels.

Additional acvantages of Vulkollan are its good dynamic properties and high elasticity. This reduces the risk of settlement and high relaxation. The risk of flat spots at high speeds and heavy loads is thereby minimized.

Rubber Net is offering Vulkollan on wheels and rollers for replacement on European and U.S.A. lift trucks such as BT, JUNGHEINRICH, LINDE, STILL, ROCLA, YALE, HYSTER, CROWN AND ATLET.

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